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Meet the Froobles Meet the Characters
Orlando Orange Bobby Blackberry Sienna Strawberry Billy Banana Little Jack Potato Charlie Chilli

Little characters learning BIG lessons about growing up!

The Froobles have been brought to life by the magic of children's imaginations! Scenes created by playgroup children provide The Froobles with an ever-changing world in which they have fun adventures and learn valuable lessons along the way.

Book and Stickers

The Froobles stories teach important lessons about growing up, encourage children to use their imaginations and promote a positive ‘I can do it!’ approach to life. The stories have been written by a team consisting of new author Janet Aspey, established author Nat Lambert, and Gordon Volke, scriptwriter for the BAFTA award-winning The Tweenies television series. Includes stickers. 1.2 million copies sold worldwide!

eBook Readers

All twelve of the Froobles titles are also available as eBooks! The PDF versions, available to download from this site, are compatible with a wide range of devices. You can also purchase chart-topping 'fixed-layout' ebooks – compatible with Apple iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch – directly from the iTunes iBookstore.

Read Aloud Feature

The Froobles enhanced eBooks teach important lessons about growing up, encourage children to use their imaginations and promote a positive 'I can do it!' approach to life. Enhanced editions include celebrity narration by Denise Van Outen, Reggie Yates, Johnny Vaughan and Edith Bowman and are available on the iTunes bookstore for iOS devices.

Frooble Apps

The Froobles are little characters learning BIG lessons about growing up! Children will be entertained, inspired and educated in their interactive iOS and Android apps!

  • The Froobles cover image

    The Froobles

    Packed with interactive features, animated stories, celebrity narration and a whole host of fun characters, The Froobles app is an essential download for your child's digital library.

    Our Price: FREE!More Details »
  • Froobles Phonics cover image

    Froobles Phonics

    Froobles Phonics helps children learn to read by understanding the sounds that letters make.

    Our Price: £0.69More Details »
  • Froobles Maths cover image

    Froobles Maths

    Froobles Maths helps children to learn basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

    Our Price: £0.69More Details »
Playtec Froobles Outdoor Play Equipment

Top That! and PLAYTEC have developed a range of outdoor play products for nurseries, playgroups and preschools to complement The Froobles core brand.

  • Play Bench

    The Froobles Bench

    Two-seat Bench
    Size: (l)716 x (w)470 x (h)570mm
    Seat height: 260mm
    Age range: 3–5

  • Play Car

    The Froobles Spring Rider

    Sit-in Spring Rider
    Size: (l)856 x (w)465 x (h)930mm
    Seat height: 505mm
    Age range: 1–5

  • Play Height

    The Froobles Height Charts

    Cory Cucumber
    Billy Banana
    Chloe Carrot
    Size: 600 x 1800mm
    Age range: 3–10

  • Play Boxes

    The Froobles Multi-activity Boxes

    Size: (l)605 x (w)605 x (h)615mm
    Age range: 3–5

Froobles T-Shirts

The Froobles star in a unique app to raise money for the Heart UK charity.

The Froobles have formed a special partnership with the T‑shirt Booth app, which will enable young fans to choose which much-loved character they want to wear on their shirt, along with a message, and a photo.

It takes just a few taps on the app – and the T‑shirt is delivered! £2 from the sale of each T‑shirt will go straight to Heart UK.

The free T‑shirt Booth App lets you personalise a T‑shirt straight from your smartphone. Start with a selection of character designs, choose the colour and size, personalise it with a name and photo and you’re done.

The T‑shirt Booth App is available via the Apple App Store, via Google Play for Android - and can be downloaded directly from

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Download the App

  • Step 2

    Choose a t-shirt design

  • Step 3

    Upload your photo and name

  • Step 4

    Receive your personalised t-shirt by post

What people are saying …

  • Here at Cheeky Boo! we think these books are the most exciting thing to happen to children's books in recent times.
    Cheeky Boo! Magazine
  • Each title teaches children a valuable lesson about growing up and includes a sticker sheet for your child to create their own scene.
    Bump2Baby Magazine
  • Thank you Top That! Publishing for evoking imagination and joy in Lexi and lots of other children who I'm sure will love them The Froobles too!
    Loved by Lexi Blog